Main research fields:

  • Development of problem oriented information and expert systems.

  • Development of decision making support tools.

  • Analysis of environmental data, land use planning spatial data, safety evaluation of land use, evaluation of humanistic and social research data.

  • Transport of solutes in groundwater coupled with geochemical reactions and heat transfer.

  • Transport of nanoparticles in porous medium coupled with their aggregation.
  • Transport experiment interpretation, model parameter identification.

  • Simulation of multiphase flows in porous media.

  • Research of computational methods for coupled problem solution.



  • Collection and processing of environmental monitoring data (esp. groundwater).

  • Groundwater and geochemical models (design, implementation, other authors’ model validation).

  • Simulation and safety assessment of nuclear waste disposals and simulation of leakage of hazardous waste.

  • Landa's integral method.

  • Development of applications for data management (databases, ETL), visualization (geographic information systems, 3D models, reports, web map applications), modelling and advanced assessment of environmental risks (multi-criterial analyses), early warning systems, decision support systems.

  • Reservoir engineering (esp. for underground gas storage).

  • Object models of various natural phenomena (e.g. models of mutual influenced mechanical and chemical phenomena).

  • Processing of big amount of data using database applications.

  • Ability of multidisciplinary cooperation in frames of a small team of experts e.g. during simulation tool development.

  • Application of advanced statistical methods for data processing.

  • Adaptability for various types of problems.



RStudio, Python 3, Goldsim, Visual Studio, MATLAB, FEFLOW, The Geochemist’s Workbench, MODFLOW, Eclipse Reservoir Simulator, many own-developed specialized software tools